Hey there, thank you for visiting my page. My name is Malaika and I started this blog to find myself. I know that sounds clich√©, but I feel like I have been asleep for the past 39 years and now I am having such clarity, it is amazing. I am a wife to a man that makes me want to be better, to be more, to dig my way out of the rut that I have sentenced myself to for God knows whatever reason and a mom to 4 amazing, naughty and energetic children. Two of my 4 children are twins. This website is dedicated to them. In fact, the name of my blog LohRah is a combination of the girls’ names, ShiLOH and ZaRAH – LohRah

They have changed my life in more ways than one and I am still learning as I go like we all are. We call Canada home. We have no 4-legged family members yet, though it is an ongoing debate. So here I am, year 39 and now finding my voice and my way again. It is scary but I am loving every moment of it. If you are on a journey yourself, I encourage you to find your outlet, a way to heal, a way to grow, and ultimately find your voice.