Life Insurance has always been important to my husband and me. We understand how it works and the reason every family should have it. I decided to become a licensed professional in the life insurance field because I understood the gap in the market. Too many people are still running around “not believing in life insurance;” it’s the strangest thing to me. But the non-believers need to get this; life insurance is not a religion; you do not need to believe in it, but you should understand its function. It’s not for you, the individual; it’s for the people you leave behind in the event of your passing.

The Truth About Insurance

I have preached the gospel of life insurance for ten years. I am always happy when a family decides they want to get the coverage needed. It’s worrying when a family hits a financial wall and decides that life insurance is something they can live without and cancel their policy. It’s been quite an experience, but about a month ago, something happened that I don’t think I was ready for as a life insurance agent; I  received a call that one of my clients had passed away.

The Truth About Being An Insurance Agent

Losing a client is the truth about being an Insurance agent that no one talks about, or maybe it was just a reality I never wanted to face. Deep down inside, I sold policies hoping no one would ever have to make a claim. I know that sounds silly, I mean, the business is hinged on people passing away, but still, I was not ready. It hit me like a ton of bricks. I had to contact Head Office to inform them, and I could not utter that person’s name and passed away in the same sentence. The agent on the line that was helping me through was super patient and supportive. You see, the majority of my clients are people that are my friends; some of them are so close they are like family. It was so tough.

My Client Understood The Truth About Insurance

My client was easygoing, understood the importance of life insurance, and gave me no issues setting up the policy. My client was efficient and was a dream client who never missed a payment because they knew the importance of money being available to their family in the event of their passing.

The Truth About Insurance

The Impact Of Life Insurance

After contacting Head Office, I had to get the family. It was so hard. I remember providing the information needed to fill out the claim. When the family heard the amount left behind, they were speechless. They were unaware that my client had a policy or the amount left. I remember them saying they wished they could thank my client for their selfless act. That was the defining moment for me; amid my sadness, it came full circle. We have no idea what tomorrow will serve us, no idea. We can leave our homes in the morning and kiss our families goodbye, which might be the last minute we see them. My client, understanding this, made provision for their family.

Life Insurance Provides Financial Protection

As a life insurance agent, I have seen both sides of the sale and now have a healthier respect for insurance. The words of my friend that got me involved in the business serve as a constant reminder as to why every family should have a policy, “it’s better to have it and not need it than need it and not have it.” Because of my client’s understanding, their family can pick up the financial pieces left behind. The death benefit will never bring my client back, but at least the family will not be saddled with the debt that death typically leaves in its wake.

In Closing

My advice as an agent is that if you are still on the fence about life insurance and do not believe it is for you, you are right; it’s not for you; it’s for your family. Try this perspective, your house and car are insured, but why isn’t your life insured?

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