Summer is finally here, yayyyyyy, and we are over the moon. As you may know, my family and I look forward to warmer temperatures because we are the outdoorsy kind, and while there are fun things to do in winter, we prefer the summer. So, if you are like me, you would have been planning since the end of last summer for this summer. However, one thing I did not quite prepare for was the cost of everything going through the roof. If you have a large-ish family like ours, you know that everything adds up quickly. Here are ten fun activities to make this summer the best ever despite inflation.

1. Go to the beach

Our children love sand and water, so the beach is a great option to have both boxes checked. We pack their favourite snacks, and it’s a party. If cooking is permitted on the beach, pack your portable BBQ and grill away. Invite a few friends to share the experience with you. Do not forget the sunscreen and floaties.

10 Fun Activities To Make Summer The Best Ever!

2. Go for a hike/bike ride

If you are a cardio enthusiast like me or just want some fresh air, find some hiking trails in your area and enjoy the view. You will get your fill of fresh air and a great workout in one shot.

3. Rent a pool

Have you heard of Well, until a few days ago, neither had I. It is an online pool rental service like Airbnb. You have the opportunity to rent a pool by the hour. So if sand is not your thing, but you like the water, this is a great alternative. Make it a party by inviting friends to join in the fun.

fun summer activites

4. Go on a picnic

Who doesn’t like picnics? Pack a basket with yummy treats and find a nice park with amenities like a water park and a dry park. It’s that simple. Your children will enjoy this for hours. Don’t forget the outdoor games to take up some of the hours.

5. Make your kitchen a fun zone

What are some of your children’s favourite treats? Get them involved in the making process. My children love popsicles, and so do I, but I worry about the ingredients. I love making fresh fruit juice and them using popsicle moulds to make the treat for the children. When you make your own, your children get to enjoy a popsicle with real fruit juice.

6. Camp in your backyard

Camping in your backyard is super fun, and the best part is no long treks to the bathroom with a flashlight. Pitch your tent, load up on snacks and board games, and enjoy the night. If you have a projector, have an outdoor movie, or rent an outdoor movie setup from companies like WithLovePicnics.

fun summer activities

7. Rent a cottage

Cottages can be pricy, find one large enough to accommodate a few families and split the cost. It is a super fun experience your children will be talking about for a long time. Cottages offer privacy, access to the lake, hiking, and many outdoor activities that would be icing on the cake of fun summer activities.

fun summer activities

8. Try tie-dye shirts

I used to love experimenting with tie-dye, which is an easy activity. It requires plain t-shirts, dye, string, and an idea of the pattern you want to try. Tie the t-shirts in any pattern and dip in dye according to instructions on the package, untie, hang out to dry, and enjoy. Your children will have fun wearing their creations.

9. Plant a garden

Collect some seeds from vegetables that you would typically use like tomatoes, sweet pepper, and other pepper varieties, the end of lettuce and bok choy, and the heads of green onions or scallions. Determine if you will use plant pots or put the vegetables in the ground. Plant the seeds, water them and watch them grow. My twins fell in love with tomatoes one year when I got them involved in the growing and reaping. They would pick the ripe ones and eat them on the spot.

10. Have an end-of-summer potluck

Invite a few friends or family for a potluck. Fill up the inflatables and water tables, get water guns and water balloons, and enjoy—jazz things up with novelty activities like a treasure hunt and an egg and spoon race.

In Conclusion

There is so much more that you can do. This list aims at having fun on a budget. The key is to get out and soak up the sun. Get creative with everything and have the children involved. What fun summer activities do you have planned for you and your family? List them in the comments below. Happy Summer.

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