Five Reasons Why I Want My Twins in Separate Classrooms

In the beginning…

I was always of the opinion my twin girls, Shiloh and Zarah, should be in the same classroom when they started in-person school. I was worried about how the separation would affect them. Well, after about three weeks of online school, I have changed my mind. They need to be in separate classrooms. I know most moms of multiples would prefer them to stay together, but nope, not me; the further they are away from each other, the better. 

Background on my Mindset shift

If they do end up in the same classroom for some reason, I would like to have one of them on the East end and the other on the west end. I think time away from each other will give the girls a chance to listen to what the teacher is saying. I understand that the kindergarten stage learning is play-based, but listening is essential. When they are together in the online class, the giggles are non-stop, the fighting over supplies is never-ending, and the talking goes on and on while the teacher is talking.

Five Reasons Why I Want My Twins in Separate Classrooms

I have read extensively on reasons why twins should be kept together, some of the reasons include –

  1. Separation anxiety
  2. Same schedule
  3. Having the same homework from school
  4. One set of friends
  5. Always having the comfort of each other

I was in total agreement at first, but after what I witnessed with my girls, I am willing to try something else. Of course, if it does not work out, hopefully, the school is kind enough to help us out in the situation.

Here are five reasons why I want my twins in separate classrooms:

1. They will be less distracted

Shiloh and Zarah together in the same space equals constant fighting or talking. If they are in separate classrooms, they will be forced to pay attention.  They are shy when they are apart, and based on how they performed in daycare; they are gentle and kind with the other students. Classrooms come with rules concerning a child disrupting the teacher and the class, and they do not like to be called out, so I can see them staying in line. But if they are together, they will feed off each other, like they have been doing in the online class, and be disruptive. Thank God for the mute option, so the teacher and other students do not hear them.

Five Reasons Why I Want My Twins in Separate Classrooms
2. They will make new friends outside of each other

They will be forced to make new friends who will cause them to be individuals outside of each other. Right now, they are always together, and they play well with other children, but as a collective, they have always made friends as a collective. It would be an opportunity for them to be singular outside of their collective.

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3. They will be Independent

#thelohrahtwins, as I like to call them, will have an opportunity to be independent of each other. Being independent will provide an opportunity for their little personalities to blossom. They will have to navigate on their own, make decisions on their own and make friends on their own. Now, Shiloh is the dominant twin, and Zarah is more reserved. I think them being apart will cause Zarah to develop her independence.

Five Reasons Why I Want My Twins in Separate Classrooms
4. They will be Individuals

In online classes, they are referred to as Shiloh and Zarah; it would be nice to address them as individuals and not as a unit. They are fraternal twins, so they do not look alike, so there is no way to tell they are related unless you know them. I love that. So, they can address Shiloh, the individual, or Zarah, the individual.

Five Reasons Why I Want My Twins in Separate Classrooms
5. Their Confidence Will Develop

When the girls are together as a unit, they can conquer the world. I want them to have that same confidence when they are apart.

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The points mentioned above are my opinion; I have read articles on parents with twins, and the preference was split down the middle. I am willing to try having the girls placed in separate classes or the same Kindergarten class but at different tables. Our decision is not final; we will see how it goes when they start brick-and-mortar schools in September 2022. At the end of the day, we will decide what we think is best for them.

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43 Replies to “Five Reasons Why I Want My Twins in Separate Classrooms”

    1. Thank you. We are considering it based on how the twins distract each other, but I know having them together might be easier.

  1. Your twins are so cute! These are really some great insights. They will learn many things separately for sure, including how to be dependent without each other. Love this article x

    1. Thank you. We are so hopeful at this time. We will know for sure how it will go in September when they start in-person school.

  2. I find that schools here try to split the twins as well unless the parents ask that they are placed together as you say they will have different friends and likes and preference

    1. Yes, and those differences will serve them well in the future. They can be individuals outside of each other.

  3. I think it can work well to separate them. We’ve had the same at our school with twins being in different classes. It can really help them with their personal growth and development. Also, good to have different friends.

  4. I can understand why you want this. Twins need to form their own identity and I think that’s really important. They always will have a bond.

  5. As a mom of twins, I had my girls separated in Kindergarten and found that is was much more difficult. When they started first grade we kept them together until middle school. It was the best option for us until middle school. They have their own personalities & their own friends. But I do believe, parents of twins need to do what is best for them. You have great points though. Now that my girls are 20 years old, I have no regrets!

    1. Hey Dusty, thanks for weighing in. I am so worried about how they will deal with the separation; that is why I am open to them being in the same kindergarten class but at different tables. Lol, wish me luck.

    1. That sounds exactly like how Shiloh and Zarah would be lolol. I’m hoping they adjust to being apart from each other.

  6. As a Kindergaten teacher , having them separated has done wonders for them . They become so independent. I have seen this mostly with boys and girls twins … not too sure of same sex twins because I never had same sex twins.

    1. This makes me feel good even though you have only dealt with twins of the opposite sex. I am hoping for the same results with mine.

  7. Yes I very much agree with your idea. They definitely don’t look alike & shd really be independent of each other. I love how yure training them, yure doing a great job,! Continue the good work!

  8. I agree with your reasons. I have read articles where twins become very dependent on each other into their adult lives which caused depression and other serious characteristics flaws into their lives. Excellent choice.

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