The importance of quality educators cannot be stressed enough. Educators have an important role in shaping the minds of their students. It goes beyond teaching Mathematics or Science; it extends to training students to function beyond the classroom in the real world. I have had the opportunity to be exposed to top-class educators. My parents, of course, are on that list; they are trained educators by profession and education. Other educators include Mrs. Greene, Mrs. Pile, Mrs. Walcott, and Mrs. MacPherson, to name a few. These women are world-class and second to none, and they have left a trail of crumbs that have led me to many successes in my life today.

A Good Quality Guyanese Education

I always wanted my children to benefit from the type of education I received as well. So, when we decided to relocate to Guyana, I was particularly happy about the school system the children would be integrated into. I was even happier when I realized that my Standard Four (Grade 6) teacher, Mrs. Greene, was still in the education vein. She knows how to do the job and does it with grace. Her style is a delicate balance between tough love, mothering, and boundaries.

School days are the best days, a cliché we have heard from time immemorial. Many people I have spoken with have expressed how deeply they hated school. My eldest daughter was in that boat where hating school was concerned until she met the right teacher, which changed her experience.

The Importance of Quality Educators
School days are the best! days

In Guyana and the Caribbean, there is an entrance exam that used to be mandatory to enter High Schools when there was mainly a Public-School System. In my time, it was called Common Entrance, but with all the changes in the grading system, it is now called National Grade Six Assessment (NGSA). Grade Six was equivalent to Standard Four when I attended Primary School millions of years ago.

The Rigors Of Exam Preparation

The preparation for Common Entrance was no joke. It started two years before the actual exam; it was grueling. I vaguely remember everything that was involved, but now that my children are preparing for the exam, I fully appreciate what it entails. There’s the regular school from 8 am to 230pm, and then there’s the extra school from 4 to 6 pm. Then there’s homework, schoolwork, regular tests to ascertain levels, gaps in knowledge, and so on. At least, this is how it is at my children’s school; I remember my school starting at 9 am, but I could be wrong because it was such a long time ago.

Children in the region preparing for this exam know what it takes and work diligently. My children are now immersed in this new system, which is quite an adjustment. We went from a system where homework was not the main focus to one which required volumes of homework daily. Both methods have advantages, but I prefer the system in which I was raised. If the two approaches could be married, the children would ultimately benefit.

The Importance Of Quality Educators

Educators are a critical component when children are approaching this milestone. In every Primary School, a teacher embodied the task wholeheartedly. I attended St. Margaret’s Primary, and that teacher was Mrs. Greene. She provided impeccable training for her students. I remember how strict she was, but she was also very loving and thorough with her teaching methods. As a student, your only job was to complete your tasks on time. When we decided we were returning home, I made an effort to have my children experience her world-class level of teaching. It’s been about six weeks since my daughter Anayah started working with her, and I can already see the small changes. As she continues under her stewardship, I know there will be many more. Eli recently started working with her and he loves how she simplifies everything. He has a clearer understanding of fractions, percentages and decimals.

The Importance of Quality Educators

Mrs. Greene has at least fifty years of teaching experience, but she looks the same as when she taught me. The only noticeable difference is the colour of her hair has changed. She is the perfect example of what a quality educator is and the importance of  quality educators. She is firm, steadfast, and unyielding. She is what my children need in her life in more ways than one. Initially, it will be an adjustment, but once the experience is over, they will reflect and appreciate it.

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