I remember everything vividly. This time around, it was different. I was not too fond of the smell of onions. Even if the onion were in a sealed bowl in the depths of the fridge, I could smell it. I had to stop cooking for at least three months. After a while, every smell caused nausea that lasted for days, if not months. I knew almost immediately what was happening and I confirmed my suspicion by doing a test and there it was two pink lines, yet again. Do not get me wrong. I had always wanted a big family. Initially, I had wanted five children. Crazy right? But my mom had five of us and she made it look easy and we had so much fun and I wanted my children to have that experience as well. 

The LohRah Twins Turn 3! Happy Birthday!
Pregnant with the girls

Two Pink Lines!

We had found our groove with two children; Eli was six years old, and Anayah was four years old. They were both potty trained and sleeping through the night. But we knew we were always going to have another one but did not quite plan when. Two pink lines…. breathe. I left the test in the bathroom for Brent to see it, and he did not. No surprise there. So, I am like, I am pregnant, and I cannot quite remember what his response was, but we were happy. Baby number three was on the way, and I was hoping it would be a boy because Anayah had gotten so much girl attention; I feared if the baby were a girl, she would be jealous. 

The LohRah Twins Turn 3! Happy Birthday!
When we were 4!

You’re Having Twins!

Fast forward to nausea and the smells just killing me; I am on either my 10- or 12-week doctor’s visit. I visited my gynecologist, and I had not seen her in ages, so we were catching up, and she sent me to do the ultrasound. I think she may have forgotten to listen to the heartbeat. Had she listened to the heartbeat, she would have heard them both. Anyway, I’m there on the table, going through the motions. The medical staff performing the ultrasound started to ask me why I waited that long to visit the doctor, so I told her from the first two pregnancies that was around the time I had seen the doctor. She’s making small talk and then asked the million-dollar question, “Do you have multiples in your family?” 

Wait, what, Multiples? Brent and I had joked about having twins all the time, but just in jest, and up until that point, I had forgotten my great paternal grandmother delivering several multiples, and my mom’s dad was a twin. I’m like, “Please tell me there are not 3 of them in there.” She said, “No, there are two of them .” 

Shiloh & Zarah

Brent’s Reaction

After hearing the news of being pregnant with twins, I sobbed for a million reasons, and none of them I could identify, but I felt blessed. I remember telling God he has a sense of humor. So, it is time to inform the father of the children. “Hi Brent, we’re having twins,” he responded, “I’ll call you back.” My poor husband had the same reaction I did. He needed a minute, so I told my parents and siblings while he got his composure. Brent eventually called back, and we laughed and started to plan for the next step. 

20 Week Appointment

I was 20 something weeks, and I had an appointment to find out the sex of the babies. I was hoping for 1 of each. I knew for sure I did not want two boys. I had the names Shiloh and Zarah picked out that suited a boy and a girl perfectly. My doctor informed me that I was having two girls. I thought to myself, “oh man, two girls, I cannot even do hair, and now I am having two more girls.” God’s sense of humor shows up again. Luckily, Shiloh’s name is suitable for either gender, so I still got to use the name I selected. Eli really wanted a brother, and he was not happy with the news that it would be two girls. Anayah is très annoying to him as it is. Anayah took the news very well. She was over the moon. 

The Arrival of the LohRah Twins

I was 36 weeks and a few days pregnant; my mom was with me, and I was ready since about 33 weeks to have the babies, but the gynecologist was not even suggesting any early delivery or anything. My frame was quaking under the weight of being pregnant with twins. Surprisingly, I think I got up to just a little over 160 pounds. With my first – Eli, I was about 180 pounds. The doctor informed me that my dear twin A (Shiloh) was now breached, and we should wait for a little to see if she turned. Ok, that is fine, and I decided to wait. 

I visited one week later, and Shiloh had not turned yet, so we had to wait some more. I visited again. I’m 37 weeks and about four days, and Shiloh was still breached. I am looking at Shiloh now as I type this article. I should have had a clue about her personality from that instance. I asked the doctor if she would be at work that weekend, and she said yes, and I told her I did not want to be pregnant anymore. So, we scheduled the c-section and tubal ligation for June 2, 2017. 

A few minutes after the girls were born!

The LohRah Twins Turn 3!

Shiloh and Zarah are now three years old and the adventure continues. Having four children is exhausting but rewarding and I am happy I had twins, because knowing my love for babies I would have probably wanted another one. So, God blessed me with two at the same time. A lot has changed in our home since the girls arrived. I am now a full-time mom and at this point everything outside of the kids must wait. My family is my priority. 

The LohRah Twins on their 3rd birthday! Happy Birthday!
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