Couples looking forward to having a child are often overjoyed as soon as they discover they’re pregnant. They feel ecstatic for finally having a chance to raise a baby, so they browse parenting blogs for helpful advice. Moreover, the moment they find out they’re expecting twins, their blessings have indeed doubled, that they go through a mixture of emotions. 

If you’re facing the same situation, besides being excited about your incoming children, you can’t help but feel overwhelmed and at a loss for words because you’re having not one but two babies! It’s normal to worry whether you and your husband have what it takes to raise twins, especially since you don’t have parenting experience yet.

Fortunately, you can rest assured that you can survive and, in fact, enjoy spending every minute with your twins once they come into the world. However, you have to guarantee you’re well-prepared for it. Keep reading below to find out tips for preparing for the arrival of your twins.

Relax and Focus on the Situation

Before you embark on the next nine months of pregnancy, including carrying twins in your womb, you must ensure you know what you’re in for and tell yourself there’s no turning back. It will greatly help to learn breathing practices to ground yourself and let you focus on the present.

Once you’re relaxed and ready to face your pregnancy with a committed mindset, you should focus on acquiring the knowledge to help make your situation easy. It will help to read mom blogs about breastfeeding, bottle feeding, sleeping schedules, baby equipment, and more. 

Accomplish Everything Beforehand

Almost half of the moms carrying twins in their wombs end up on bed rest once they reach thirty weeks of their pregnancy. Since you can consider it your peak because you won’t be as mobile anymore, you should learn to get everything done before reaching that point.

Make it a goal to accomplish your tasks, such as picking out cribs, strollers, and other baby equipment before you hit thirty weeks. It will also be best to have your maternity shoot and baby shower beforehand to get those out of the way and reduce your tasks.

Avoid Purchasing Two of Everything

Just because you’re having twins, that doesn’t mean you should get two of everything you plan to give your babies, such as toys, bouncers, and other essentials. Instead, you should learn to create variation and purchase items you can think about rotating between your twins.

If you wish to improve your parenthood once the babies have arrived, you could own a double stroller, double feeding pillow, and a changing table that accommodates multiple infants. Remember to focus on quality rather than quantity. Meanwhile, other items you’ll be needing two of each include car seats, high chairs, and cribs.

Seek Advice from Other Moms of Twins

You don’t always have to face your challenges in life on your own. This is where you can opt to read relevant blogs for women or reach out to fellow moms of twins for valuable advice. Receiving support from moms who have already been through it will teach you a thing or two about what to expect.

When you strive to connect with other parents, they will be glad to share the learnings they’ve accumulated through the years of watching over twin babies. If you can, you should attend meetings or join groups dedicated to twin pregnancy to acquire helpful information. 


Now that you can’t wait for your twins to arrive, you and your husband must do everything you can to make your pregnancy a worthwhile experience that prepares the both of you for your big day. Before you give birth, you should relax and focus on the situation, accomplish everything beforehand, avoid purchasing two of everything and seek advice from fellow moms of twins.

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2 Replies to “Tips for Preparing for the Arrival of Your Twins”

  1. This is a great article. Accomplishing everything before hand is a great tip and something I took for granted because I went 42 weeks with my son. Thank you for putting this into perspective for me and since I am only at week 16, it is the perfect time to get things done now.

    1. Yes, love, perfect time. The time will fly out, and before you know it, the babies are here. Look at my twins; they are already 4 years old-time flies. You can reach out to me anytime you need.

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