Have you ever thought about how some people are successful? What is it that they do differently from everyone else? I have been paying close attention, and it comes down to three basic things, accountability, consistency, and discipline. There is a connection between accountability, consistency, discipline, and success; I like to call it the A, C, Ds of success. 

The A, C, Ds of Success not only relates to acquiring wealth but almost anything in life that you set out to do. In my case, I am health-conscious, and I am always trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle. However, over the past nine weeks, I got sidetracked and lost my way where the A, C, Ds of Success are concerned, and I gained 10 lbs.

Ten pounds might not sound like a lot, but when you hit 40, ten pounds is like 30lbs; it just lingers, and it gets harder to lose. Not only did I gain weight, but also some of the clothing that fit me over the summer could not make it past my waist. So I decided it was time to change things and get back on track to my healthy lifestyle. We were doing well with our vegan lifestyle, but after my issues with low iron levels in my blood, I have started eating meat again, but once I find the right balance, I will attempt a pescatarian or vegan lifestyle again. If my iron levels dip again, I can have alternate days where the meat is concerned.


If I had to define accountability, I would say being in control of your actions, being responsible enough to do what you say you would do. I stopped using my accountability apps, logging what I ate and what exercises I did. I stopped keeping track of what it took me to maintain what I considered my ideal size.


This summer, we were pretty much on the go, and almost every time after a soccer game or some outing, the kids would request a treat. It would be donuts, pizza, burgers, and so much more. Now, remember I was not holding myself accountable, so naturally, I ate whatever we ordered, and then my clothes started getting smaller; yea, I know the clothes were the same; I was the one changing.

The Connection Between Accountability Consistency, Discipline, and Success


I used to exercise six days a week, and then I started making excuses like, ” Oh, I will make it up tomorrow.” After a while, tomorrow never came. So my six days of exercising were reduced to zero days. I also stopped logging my meals, and stopped exercising, and started eating whatever. That is an equation for disaster.

The Connection Between Accountability Consistency, Discipline, and Success


I lacked the discipline to say no to what I should not be eating, I lacked the discipline to record my intake consistently, and I lacked the discipline to continue with my six-day-a-week exercise regime. So here I am starting over again. I am ready now; my head is in the right place.

The Connection Between Accountability Consistency, Discipline, and Success

The Connection

This is the third week of my six-day-a-week regime, and I feel better already. I am feeling the connection between accountability, consistency, discipline, and success. My anxiety is at bay; my exhaustion has reduced, I am eating healthier, sleeping better, and having more energy. I am back to holding myself accountable by logging my meals; I am consistent with my exercise and am disciplined enough to say no to the foods that will derail my path. There will be cheat days, but the focus at this moment is to hit the goals that I have set for myself.

If you are on a path to start a business, eat healthier, learn a language, write a book, try using the A, C, Ds of success formula, and you will be amazed at how quickly you will achieve your goals. Yes, there will be off days, yes there will be moments when you do not want to, and that’s okay; stay the course and remember your end goal. The race is not given to the swift or to the strong but to the one who endures to the end (Ecclesiastes 9:11).

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15 Replies to “The Connection Between Accountability, Consistency, Discipline, and Success”

  1. I am loving this and I am bookmarking to come back for reminders 😉 I have issues at time with consistancy myself and appreciate this informative and motivating post 😉

  2. Consistency really makes the difference between getting things done and not. Once you have something, like exercise, as apart of your daily life, it is so much easier to do. Thank you for sharing this article!

  3. Fantastic post. I struggle with consistency. Present over perfect is something I need to remember daily. If it is not going to be perfect, I end up quitting and not doing something altogether. The key, I know, is just daily showing up.

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