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It’s Saturday night, and that means one thing at our home, “GAMES NIGHT!!!!!” Our board game of choice is Monopoly. Eli has emerged the winner for the past four games, but the road to get him there was tough. The night is filled with tears and laughter. Eli and Anayah are so competitive that they will bring on tears if they have any inclination that they will lose. It is hilarious. Brentnol and I are so busy trying to keep each other from winning, we always lose. Brentnol teams up with Anayah against me, and Eli and I are teammates.

Buy and Hold

We try to use the game as a teaching method for the children. They know the concept of buying and holding, and if things get tough, at least they have an asset to liquidate or use as collateral. If you have cash, it loses value daily if it is not invested in a vehicle making more cash. The last time we played, Eli was a little doubtful of my advice. He had tons of money that he wanted to hold on to and didn’t want to buy property. I aimed to make sure his dad didn’t get the highly coveted Broadwalk or Park Place. Eli started buying up all the property he landed on. Unfortunately, he ran out of cash, and no one was landing on his property for him to collect rent.

Try This Fun Board Game To Add Fun To Your Weekend!

More Than a Board Game

Enter doubt. He was so livid. He would not speak to me, I was trying hard to stifle my laughter, but Brent kept making fun of him. There were his tears of anger and our tears from laughing our bellies full. His luck changed quickly; most of us that landed on his prime real estate had to mortgage properties to cover the rent. When I went bankrupt, the game ended. Even though I lost, Brentnol did not win. So technically, I won.

Try This Fun Board Game To Add Fun To Your Weekend!

Our version of Monopoly has a more straightforward method to do the banking. Instead of using cash, bank cards are used. I prefer bank cards; it gets a little cumbersome with paper money. When one player goes bankrupt, the game automatically ends, and the person with the most value wins. Anayah always finishes second; she is trying her hardest to win, maybe next time. She needs me as a partner, though, but she’s loyal to her dad, aww well.

Try This Fun Board Game To Add Fun To Your Weekend!

Add Monopoly to Your Weekend Board Game Fun

Shiloh and Zarah are Brentnol’s lucky charms; he has them throwing the dice for him, it clearly isn’t working, but it’s all a part of the fun. By the time they are old enough to play, we’ll have to take turns being the banker or the person that hands out the property cards or reads the community chest cards. So the bets are on for next Saturday. I think I will go solo this time around, focus on my game and come out the winner. All the fighting with Brentnol distracts me from what I am supposed to be doing, which is winning. So, if you are looking to change this up a little, try adding Monopoly to your weekend board game fun rotation; I promise you will enjoy it.

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14 Replies to “Try The Monopoly Board Game To Add Fun To Your Weekend!”

  1. I have been looooving games with friends lately and I’ve been nervous about bringing Monopoly to the table because we’re all so competitive! Lol but I do love it and think the bank card is brilliant. Should make it even more fun!

    1. Monopoly brings out the competitive spirit in everyone lolol. It’s crazy. Yes, the addition of the bank card makes banking much more manageable.

  2. I haven’t played monopoly in years and that’s always been the original traditional one, I need to bust it out and give it another go x

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