Balancing work and family has always been a challenge for moms. Motherhood can arguably be one of the most challenging responsibilities, but unfortunately, some mothers think they are “just a mom” when what they do is of such great importance. 

Being a mother is one of the most rewarding experiences for women. They nurture families and raise the next generation of responsible, contributing adults. It is why keeping a healthy, work-life balance is vital. 

Your career and personal development do not have to end at motherhood. With strategic planning, you can keep your career thriving while you successfully manage your family responsibilities. You can live a fulfilled life doing what you love for the people you love the most. 

Here are three helpful tips to help you strike a better balance between parenting and your work and get everything done without stress:

1. Practice Better Time Management and Organization

Mothers know that without organization, balancing work-life is nearly impossible. Moms juggle a lot of tasks daily, especially if the kids are still young.  Even before everybody’s day starts, a mother typically has tackled tons in their to-do list. They even have more tasks to finish while everyone’s capping their day. 

Such is the life of mothers! It is why you need to organize how your weeks should go. You can divide and conquer your tasks based on priority. If you are still working in-office, you have to arrange your tasks around your work schedule. Take note of drop-off and pick-up times and important school meetings and events around your work schedule. If you need to take time off from work, file your leave in advance. 

If you are working from home, on the other hand, organizing your schedule may be a lot less stressful. You can find a remote job that works best with your family’s schedule. 

2. Tag-Team on Tasks or Outsource Help

If you have a spouse or partner and are also working, you need to plot their schedules in your planning. You can tag-team on house chores, childcare, school events, and the like. If you need to go to the office or take business trips, plan it well so that nobody needs to compromise their job or be overwhelmed with caring for the family. 

You can also try working in advance instead of cramming for tasks every time. For example, you can try easy dinner ideas and pre-cook your family’s lunch for the next day, while your spouse or older kids can help the younger ones do their homework. When you are handling so much, it’s essential to manage your expectations. 

You can also outsource help if your family budget allows that. You can get house and yard cleaners, babysitters, and the like. Be more efficient by ordering groceries or paying bills online. If your kids’ school has a school bus, have your kids take them so you won’t have to rush to work every morning. 

You don’t have to do everything alone or spend big bucks just to get help. Realize that you will need help if you want to keep a work-life balance successfully. Surround yourself with community and relationships that could help you. You’ll be surprised how many people want to help because they want you and your family to succeed. 

3. Schedule Off Days Too

Having some time off is essential to keep a healthy work-life balance—schedule days where you and your family can spend quality time. You might be surprised how these family activities invigorate the family for another week of school and work.

Self-care for moms is also essential to destress and relax. Squeeze in some free time for yourself. You can tag-team with your spouse, so you can go to a yoga class, do home workouts for women, or meet up with friends. It does not have to be often, but you need to make time for self-enriching activities to relieve stress. 


Remember that before you are a wife, a mom, or an employee, you are you—a woman with her dreams, desires, and interests. You deserve to be rewarded and get fulfillment in what you do. You are not perfect, but you are doing your best. You need to begin appreciating yourself, recognizing your weaknesses, and celebrating your strengths. 

You are a woman, a wife, mother, daughter, friend, career woman, and so much more! Hone your time and energy in giving the best of you to the things that matter in your life.

I am Malaika, mom to 4 exceptional children, including my twins, Shiloh and Zarah. The LohRah Twins is a family blog dedicated to them, where you can find blogs for women, including tips on balancing work and family, best careers for work-life balance, and more! Check out the rest of our content today!

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