Five Reasons Why Female Friendships Are Important

As we get older, we can all agree that we need less drama in our lives. There is so much judgment in the world: so many people just making your business theirs, so many people secretly wishing that you fail, pretending to be cheering you on, while they are really laying snares and tearing you down. It’s exhausting. We all crave genuine friendships and relationships, and it’s such a joy when you can find that.

It takes so much edge off when you have people who understand you, and you don’t have to pretend to be something you are not just to accommodate them. When I am uncomfortable in a setting, I act out of character, talk out of turn, and lose a potential friendship. When I am comfortable, I am me.

What I Value in Friendship

At different stages of our lives, we have different levels of friendships. At the stage I am in, I crave honesty, constructive criticism, open lines of communication, and love. I want people who are on the same page in mindset, ambition, and growth. People with whom I can share my ideas without fear of ridicule.

I am happy to report that I have found such friendships. I like to call my girlfriends my village. My village is a combination of my sisters, friends, and friends who are like sisters and friends that are family, and it feels good. My immediate village is in Canada, and my extended village is scattered around the world.

We have gone through everything that life can throw at us, and we always bounce back. We are resilient. We have a safe space when we come together, a drama-free zone. We have children just about the same age, and, luckily, they get along well. We are a positive image for our children when the media paints us as thugs and criminals. Our children understand they can be anything in the world regardless of what box the world forces them to tick.

So I encourage you to find your village, your drama-free zone, and here are five reasons why female friendships are important:

1. You Can Be Yourself

My experience has been I can be more vulnerable with my female friends. I can tear away every layer of defense and bare my soul. When you have an opportunity to discuss an issue down to the core, you feel better equipped to move on or try again.

2. Women Understand Other Women

As women, we have many common issues, making us easily relatable to each other. We understand the fears and anxieties we face daily, and we can easily communicate those feelings to each other.

3. Excellent For Health & Well-Being

Oxytocin is a hormone that plays a role in social bonding, empathy, and building relationships. Research suggests that when “oxytocin levels are high, reactions to stress are dampened.” One of the ways oxytocin levels increase in women is through social interaction. According to researchers at Ohio State University and Carnegie Mellon University, people with strong social support have more robust immune systems and are less likely to succumb to infectious diseases.

4. They Will Help You Succeed

I can speak about this from a personal level. When I decided I wanted to start my blog, my social media savvy friend gave me the gentle nudge that I needed to get started, and she is always available to guide me along the way. That is a true friend. Your girlfriends are always there for you to bounce ideas off.

5. They Always Show Up

When I had my illness last year, my girlfriends provided support via text, calls, and meal baskets. I am forever grateful for them.

In conclusion, I will reiterate, find you a village, a circle of women you trust—a group of women that can help you navigate the trials, the fun, and everyday life.

Part of my village!!!!!

Five Reasons Why Female Friendships Are Important
Five Reasons Why Female Friendships Are Important
Five Reasons Why Female Friendships Are Important
Five Reasons Why Female Friendships Are Important
Five Reasons Why Female Friendships Are Important
Five Reasons Why Female Friendships Are Important
Five Reasons Why Female Friendships Are Important
Five Reasons Why Female Friendships Are Important
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20 Replies to “Five Reasons Why Female Friendships Are Important”

  1. I’m so thankful for my female friendships! They’re a support system I couldn’t live without that my parents or boyfriend can’t fulfill.

  2. Girlfriends are a very important part of my life. Every point you made is true, especially “Excellent For Health & Well-Being”. My girlfriends keep me grounded. Thanks for sharing.

    1. You’re welcome. Thank you for reading; my girlfriends are an outlet for me. I wouldn’t trade them for anything.

  3. Girlfriends are the best! These are great reminders of the importance of being intentional about quality time and connection with your friends.

    1. They are simply the best. Quality time with our girlfriends is so important; it’s akin to self-care.

    1. I hear you; my friends have been a great source of support for me through every step of my life. Men have a different level of friendship, lol.

  4. Cultivating and nurturing relationships with fellow females is both life-giving and empowering! Bravo for putting yours on display in such an encouraging post!

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