Being a new mom can be the most exciting thing in the world. You have your little bundle of joy in your arms and are the happiest person on earth, just like everybody said you would be. However, one thing that the countless blog posts and parenting articles you read never warned you of: being a parent is exhausting!

Moms tend to put the entire world before them, and this is part of the reason why most new moms feel tired all the time. This is why new moms must know about self-care methods to properly ensure they stay healthy and well-rested enough to enjoy the joy of taking care of their baby.

Quick and Easy Self-Care Tips for First-Time Mothers

1 – Make Time for Yourself

Even if your first instinct is to focus all your attention on the new life you have just brought into the world. It is essential to make time for yourself, too. Do whatever it takes for you to feel relaxed. Making time for yourself may not happen immediately, but it is something you can work up to. Whether it is taking a hot bath or finishing your morning coffee without having to reheat it several times, it is crucial to find your sanctuary and get some “me time” once in a while.

2 – Start a New Hobby

Self-care may come in the form of starting a new hobby. Starting a new hobby may seem impossible when you think of the long list of things you have to complete, but remember, this is not something you do daily; you can do it once a month. Whether it is something small like trying to replicate cooking show recipes in your kitchen or documenting/video logging each phase of your new journey, it is up to you! Do what makes you happy. I took countless videos of my children that I use now in my content creation. I used to love trying new recipes, the simple ones, of course.

3 – Try to Get Some Rest

This is a tricky topic. Sleep schedules take time to develop; it is almost impossible to consider this in the first few months of a baby’s life. Most babies run on a 2 to 4-hour schedule, and ideally, when they sleep, you should sleep, but that is not always the case.

When the baby is sleeping, we try to do laundry, do some cleaning, and do other chores around the house. My advice is to do what you can when you can and above everything else REST. The world will not stop turning if there is a pile of dirty laundry. Rest is essential for your mental health and overall well-being.

4 – Stay Healthy

Eating healthy foods and trying your best to keep an active lifestyle is one of the best ways to stay healthy while recovering from childbirth. Having a good diet will also come in handy if you are breastfeeding. What I did to stay active, especially after having my twins, was lots of walking. They were born in June, and the weather was warming up nicely, so I would bundle them in their strollers and go for long walks.

Regarding eating healthy, when I was experimenting with new recipes, I would look for options with lots of veggies.

5 – Capture the Moment

The best piece of advice experienced moms can give first-timers is to be kind to yourself. The best way to truly enjoy the moment is to live in it. Accept that this is a whole new game, and each experience is different, and you are learning as you go. Yes, you will feel overwhelmed, yes you will think you are failing, yes you may forget to pack the baby wipes but remember that there is no such thing as a perfect parent; we’re all trying our best.

Live in the moment and enjoy the journey. You got this. And yes, you can capture the moments by taking many, many photographs.


Each parenting journey is unique and wonderful. While it may be inevitable for a new mom to feel tired from time to time, practicing these self-care tips will help you stay strong enough to enjoy the process. Getting enough rest and keeping your health up will ensure that you will remain a happy and cheerful mom to your new little one.

If you want more mommy content, read the other informative posts on The Lohrah Twins’ blog! This blog was started in an effort for a mom to find herself. If you are on a journey yourself, I encourage you to find your outlet, a way to heal, a way to grow, and ultimately find your voice. Read one of the best parenting blogs and see a difference in your perspective today!

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