Work hard and play hard is a typical motto in life that young adults typically use, but it can be sorely different for mothers who can have a tough time juggling both. Even with a job you are passionate and excited about, it can seem hard on some days to get that perfect balance.

You are not alone in feeling this way, though. Research shows that employed women struggle to get more free time during the week compared to men. This can be reconciled with personal experience, too, considering almost any other mother might sigh at you when you ask about their duties. 

Your job’s responsibilities, general childcare, housekeeping, and more are a lot to have on your plate. It can blur the line and remove whatever period of rest you had planned. However, it is important to still find a balance for you and your family’s sake. Here are some ways to work hard, play hard, and strike that balance. 

How to Work Hard

Working both as a mother and an employed individual can seem hard and taxing on one’s energy. However, at the same time, it can help give you a sense of self-fulfillment as you carry out the different tasks that you need. 

  • Make a List of Things to Do. Having your priorities set can determine how much time you are going to dedicate. Writing it down is also excellent mental preparation as you breeze through the week to accomplish your written goals.
  • Create and Stick to a Schedule. It is a good principle to be flexible, but it’s better to have a set order about what you’re going to do in a day and when. Try not to deviate and let yourself be distracted, especially during work modes. 
  • Reward Yourself With Something. It does not have to be a grand prize or anything. Sometimes, just a longer lunchtime and a snack can be enough to help you power through the day.

How to Play Hard

Moms can find it hard to figure out when exactly they would have the time to rest and what would count as some downtime. It does not always have to be about hard work at all, though. When you get a break for even just the weekend, cherish and make the most of it

  • Find a Weekend Hobby. Do not lose your interests just because of your work duties, be it arts and crafts, baking, and more. And if you do not have any, all the better to start exploring what hobby you’d like to explore.
  • Undertake Leisure Activities. No one’s confined in their own home when it comes to having some fun. Get outdoors and go hiking or cycling to get your muscles going. You could also go to the theatre to catch up on the latest movie.
  • Plan Grand Vacations Ahead. If you have the budget for it, planning a vacation can be quite refreshing and exciting. It also gives you something to look forward to as you toil away at work.

How to Achieve a Work-Life Balance 

Getting a work-life balance is not always easy, and it isn’t going to be the same thing for every mom. The whole point of work-life balance is to help avoid stress and make you happy. 

If you feel like running a little low on energy, adjust your time to catch some more sleep that week. If you feel like you do not get to be with your loved ones in between everything, involve them in your time-off activities. Just gauge what feels better to you rather than compromising your own time for the sake of one aspect.


In summary, excelling in both aspects of working hard and playing hard is essential. Both are equally important to your own identity and well-being. Go through both activities under your time management and terms for proper balance.

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2 Replies to “The Ultimate Guide for Mothers: Working Hard & Playing Hard”

  1. This has been a problem since mothers entered the workforce. You mentioned including loved ones in time-off activities. As a working mother I included all my children in all my activities and lived a stress free life. So, maybe we need to get familiar with another motto “Many hands make work lighter”.

    1. As one of your children, I have to say you are correct. This was indeed your method, and it did work. I have to get better at doing the same with my children.

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