Developmental Stages of Children

There are different stages in the life and development of children. During the first few years, they are heavily dependent on their parents. As they start to attend school, this shifts to friends and outside influences. And then, before you know it, they start to attend high school, college, and soon, they are starting their own lives. So, the cliché ‘time flies’ bears so much weight.

Happy 10th Birthday To Our Firstborn Eli! - He grew so quickly
I still see him like this!
Ten Years Have Flown

Eli celebrates his tenth birthday today, and I seriously cannot account for those ten years because they have flown. He is bordering preteen and is clamoring for more independence as he should at this stage of his development. I am learning the art of giving small freedoms to see how he treats them before giving more extensive privileges. I am happy to see him grow up, but as a parent, I cannot help but be fearful of what he will have to face in the future. However, I try to channel good vibes.

As Puberty Approaches

He is undergoing some bodily changes and is getting more pointed with his questions and his demand for answers. We have addressed a few critical topics so far, like drugs, sex, racism, and consent to name a few. One day, he told me that babies are made from mating, and he is correct, but I was not too sure about the use of the word mating, so we had to clear that up. He is now reading a book on what to expect as he ages, and his facial expressions are hilarious. He is so innocent where a lot is concerned, and this is the perfect time for us as his parents to educate him rather than have him be misinformed with a vulgar regurgitation from one of his peers.

Character Traits

Our son is a perfect combination of his dad and me. He is very analytical in his thinking, like his dad and I hope he continues to be this way throughout his life because it will serve him well. Like me, he is very compassionate and has the spirit of ‘kumbaya’. While this is a great trait to have, it has to be managed carefully. He has to be wary of people that view kindness as a weakness and try to take advantage of people who possess that quality. However, I know with guidance from Brent and me he will be fine.

Another Pandemic Celebration

Eli wanted a birthday party this year, and we were more than willing to deliver, but with the pandemic restrictions in place, his treetop trekking wishes are now on hold. We will make this up to him. We were all looking forward to the outing, but safety first. He has made his birthday gift requests, and they are pretty modest; mainly cash for the video games that he plays, and that’s just the person he is. He never makes a huge fuss. He did not even want a cake. He wanted pizza and donuts, but I am a big-fuss mama, so there will be a cake, and if he does not want to eat it, I will happily consume it.

Last year's birthday

Happy 10th Birthday to our Firstborn Eli - Eli and his parents
Happy 10th Birthday to our Firstborn Eli - Eli and his mom
Happy 10th Birthday To Our Firstborn Eli!

Happy 10th birthday Eli. What a blessing you are to us. You were my mother’s day present ten years ago, and you will continue to be, as long as I live. Your dad and I were so terrified when you described your feelings of sadness earlier in the year, but we are relieved that you felt safe enough to confide in us. Our wish for the next ten years and the rest of your life is that you continue to be honest, kind, respectful, and put God first.

This year's birthday - Eli's 10th!

Happy 10th Birthday to our Firstborn Eli - Eli @ 10
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19 Replies to “Happy 10th Birthday To Our Firstborn Eli!”

  1. If time had slowed down for you, you would not have been celebrating Eli’s 1oth. now. We just have to go with time as it marches on.

  2. Very good read ,wow I met him at seven months time waits for no man . Happy 10 Birthday you Eli?????

  3. A beautiful read as usual. You and Brent have done well. No need to fear just continue being good examples and keep reinforcing what you have taught thus far. Happy birthday Eli.

  4. This is such an awesome capture of his young life so far.
    He sounds like an amazing kid!. :))

    1. He’s already talking about the next decade and I am thinking time please slow down.

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