Have you evaluated your 2021? How did it end up? How did your projected goals measure up to your reality? At the beginning of each year, we list things we would like to change about ourselves or achieve. Some people scoff at this list, while others try to follow it feverishly, some have no list, some get started and then fall off. There is no wrong or right way to the different methods, but I like to have a list as a guide to hold myself accountable. So, what exactly can you do to have a prosperous new year? Maybe, what I should ask is, what do you consider a prosperous new year?

Here We Grow Again: A Guide to a Prosperous New Year

A prosperous year to me is simple:

  1. Maintain my mental and physical health
  2. Grow my portfolio by adding a stream of income
  3. Reading more/Self Improve
  4. Strengthening my relationship with the Divine
  5. Visit someplace new
  6. Try/Do something new
  7. Manage my finances/Get a Financial Plan done
  8. Do a random act of kindness
  9. Continue to raise my humans to be good people
  10. Get Organized/Declutter

I think such a list does not have to be built just at the beginning of a new year, it can happen at any point during the year, but it is a vital tool to keep you aiming to meet your goals.

Here We Grow Again: A Guide to a Prosperous New Year

I am a firm believer that when an idea or dream is put on paper and at the front of one’s mind, it materializes. So what will it be for you this year? I challenge you to get started on your list and keep updating it during the year. As you accomplish one item, add something else and keep going like that. It’s essential to keep updating your list to capture inevitable changes that may occur.

Here We Grow Again: A Guide to a Prosperous New Year

So what can you do to ensure you stay on track as much as possible this time around? What can be done differently? “Here We Grow Again: A Guide to A prosperous New Year” is a comprehensive guideline on not only identifying your goals but also sticking to them as much as possible.

1. Shift Your Mindset

If you want a change, it has to be a mental occurrence before it is physical. Make small, gradual changes. A huge shift might throw you off if you are not achieving your goals fast enough.

2. Make your List Your Own

Ensure your list of things to achieve is not influenced by what everyone else is doing. Your list is your own, designed by you and for you. You will be more motivated to keep aiming to reach your goals rather than what you felt pressured to do.

3. Prioritize Your List

Life is about balance. Spending time with my children is a priority, but it becomes harder if I have an expansive list that leaves me stretched thin. Place priority on the items on your list so you will not feel guilty about spending time on one item over the other.

4. Set Goals that have a start and end date

Gail Vaz-Oxlade states: “A goal without a deadline is just a dream.” Be deliberate with your goals, set a deadline to hold yourself accountable, and create a sense of urgency.

5. Put it Down on Paper/Create a Vision Board

As mentioned earlier, if you put your goals on paper, they are more likely to be achieved. If you are constantly seeing that paper and what you wrote, it will assist in removing any excuses that you may come up with to trick yourself into giving up.

Having your goals on paper is a great way to see your progress and serve as an encouragement to keep going.

6. Share your goals

Some of your goals may require assistance from a team. Start talking to like-minded persons about your goals and collaborating to achieve them faster.

7. Use the Technology

We live in the information age, and there are so many apps and tools available to help us keep our goals in real-time

8. Wash, Rinse, Repeat

Check your list regularly and make relevant changes where necessary. If you fall short, don’t be discouraged; keep moving forward.

Here We Grow Again: A Guide to a Prosperous New Year

Resolutions = Accountability = Growth = Prosperous New Year

Having a resolution list above all promotes growth; it shows a timeline that highlights your progress and forces you to be accountable to yourself. I hope this list encourages you to grow in 2022 and have a prosperous new year; however that may look for you.

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22 Replies to “Here We Grow Again: A Guide to a Prosperous new year”

    1. Thanks for reading and always supporting me, Karen. I appreciate it. It’s never too late to start that list.

  1. Thank you so much for this. This is such a much needed guide. I know I for sure want to have a prosperous year!

  2. I think it’s so important to have something measurable for goals, so if you want to save money how much do you want to save etc, otherwise you’ll never know if you’ve achieved them x

  3. Thank you for these reminders. I have read multiple New Year posts over the last several weeks but found yours to be easier to read than most. I appreciate how you get right to the point of each one. Although I have good intentions, I am already behind this year with just about everything you reference. After reading this, I will get my act together!

    1. You’re welcome. Thank you for your feedback. I prefer to keep things simple. I can relate to having good intentions and then being behind; it happens to be the best of us. But the good thing is you recognized it, and you are making a change.

    1. Thanks for reading, cuz. We have to be serious. I look at it this way; we have approximately 25 more summers, God willing, before retirement. We have to gather as much as we can before then. We have to do it when we have youth on our side.

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