What do you want to be remembered for? When we leave this earth, our life will be narrowed to a little dash: born on this date dash died on that date. What will your dash represent? What story will your dash tell?

I was having a chat with one of my dear friends Tomaisha last night. She is an amazing woman that I admire. She is fearless and confident. She has worked every job that I have ever dreamed of and I think I have reminded her of this a few times. Anyway, I was telling her about where I want to be this year. You see I do not necessarily subscribe to the New Year New Me idea  but I do think that 2020 has evoked that idea in all of us whether we want to admit it or not. It forced us to strive for more. I told her in that conversation, that I am so over being average and ordinary. I know I was created for something big and I am ready to attain that. My example was Oprah. When I think of self-made female billionaire, I think Oprah Winfrey and I could go on to list so many more, but I like Oprah. So, you see that association. I want one of those. I want to be a beacon of hope to women who have so many dreams that they have not yet realized because life happened. I want them to know, yes, life does happen, but that is not the full stop.

There have been several threads online about that word which you would associate with 2021 and my word is WIN. I am here to win for my family and myself. I am here to win for everyone that I can help; I am here to make a difference.  What is your word for 2021? Think about it for a second, what is your word? What will you do to make that word live? I like the idea of having a word to represent a year and you do not have to stop there, you can have a word to represent the day, the week, the month, the year. My friend Heather (@NextLevel.Mom) and I have made a pact to hold each other accountable this year. Accountability is that little guy side eyeing you in the corner, you know that little guy that you want to throw a shoe at when he is calling you out.  Well, we have invited him to our party; let us see how it goes.

When my dash comes and I hope I have at least 60 more years before it does come, I want words like pioneer, philanthropist, revolutionary, unstoppable and fierce to be some of the words used to describe me. I want to have touched the lives of so many in a positive way. I have just completed my first book from my reading list for the year. It is the Alchemist by Paulo Coelho. If you have never heard of it or never read it, I suggest you get a copy as soon as you can. The author speaks about a young shepherd that is on a quest to find his personal legend. Ultimately, your personal legend is that thing that was uniquely designed for you by God. Our purpose in life is to seek it and achieve it. If you go looking for it, you will find it but if you do not your heart will never bother you about it. I feel like I am on that path and I love the doors that are presenting themselves to me.

I think I have found it, but old superstition dictates I do not speak about it until I am well on the way to making it happen. I encourage you to start your journey to find your personal legend. Make your dash more than just 70 to 80 years of Groundhog Day. Be fearless, take action because only when you take action can you achieve that Legend.

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15 Replies to “Our Time on Earth!”

  1. You are winning in your life each and everyday just by showing up and being present for yourself and your family. Of course sharing with all of us is a huge win as well.

    I have been selecting a word each year for the last 4 years. This year 4 words were placed on my heart: Lessons, Connections, Love, and Creation. Enjoying exploring and applying each to everyday life.

    1. Thanks daddy for always supporting me and for believing in me. Your words of encouragement are what make me strive to do better.

  2. Great read and it’s true. 2020 has definitely made us dissect and question the impact of our lives on other people and imprint we’ve made (if any) in our own lives. What’s my word? Fire. More on that later.

  3. Fantastic read… makes me think
    My word for 2021 is defy…. defy the odds and get mine. Defy subpar and be superb.
    Defy! That’s my word for 2021

    1. That’s a great word but from where I sit, you have been living that word forever. You have defied and triumphed.

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