Being a working mom can be pretty challenging, especially if you have to balance your time between your job and your family. Yes, there are days off during the weekends, but even that may not be enough, especially if you are taking overtime to earn enough for the month. 

In such cases, you have the option to approach this ordeal creatively, with many hidden opportunities for you to connect with your kids.

If you aren’t sure about these methods yet, fret not—we’ve listed down a couple of ways for you to connect with your kids despite your busy schedule. Without further ado, here are four simple tips for planning quality time with your children:

1. Plan a Weekend Picnic

If you only have a single day off to spend with your family, you do not have to panic, as even that will be enough for you to spend quality time with them. Discuss this plan with your husband and delegate the preparations amongst yourselves. Who will buy the snacks? Who will prepare the games for the day? Who will invite your next-door neighbours for the picnic and barbecue? 

These questions would be best answered during your coffee breaks at the office, as it will give you an incentive, an exciting event to look forward to at the end of the week.

2. Teach Your Kids How to Do Their Chores

If you prefer to teach your kids the different practical skills in life instead of spending a tiring day in the sun, you may instead choose to teach them about their chores. It may sound like the opposite of having fun, but it will be a perfect opportunity for you to have quality time with them. 

It will also enable you to discipline them well, show them that chores do not need to be a dull activity that they can just try to endure. By doing this, you are developing a part of them that will grow up to be reliable and responsible household members.

3. Motivate Them to Create a Fun Scrapbook

You may implement this for the very young family members to update their daily activities and experiences. Working moms will often come home late, finding their kids safely tucked into bed, deep into their sleep. Because of this, they will no longer be able to tell their moms about their adventures for the day. 

The definite workaround would be to teach your kids to create a scrapbook and a simple sketch pad to draw about their experiences for the day. By doing this, you will be informed about their daily activities. You will also have the chance to read and interpret their cute drawings with them during the weekend.

4. Stream Family Movies during Your Days Off

When used correctly, technology can bring a family closer through its simple functionalities. Online streaming has become prevalent over time, much so that parents are now relying on the power of TV screens to distract their children. While the fact remains that media consumption amongst kids and toddlers should be monitored at all times, you may also use this as an opportunity to have quality time with them. 

Plan out a weekend full of family movies and age-appropriate comedies. Have a laugh with your kids over a few snacks and the memorable slapstick antics of their favourite cartoon characters.


Being a working mom is not easy. You have to maintain their work-life balance to ensure a harmonious relationship from both sides. But just because it isn’t easy doesn’t mean that it’s impossible. A mom may still excel in her job while having enough time to have memorable activities with her kids at home. 

Having a picnic, teaching them chores, reading their scrapbooks, and having movie nights are just some of the fun ways to reconnect with them from time to time. So long as they plan accordingly with their spouse, they will develop more productive activities that their kids will surely appreciate and love.

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11 Replies to “Planning Quality Time with Your Kids: 4 Tips for Working Moms”

  1. Great ideas! I never would of thought of a scrapbook to document activities that a working mom might miss! Very good suggestion! In regard to item #4, the family and I recently streamed the new Space Jam movie as a way to connect and spend quality time together. We really enjoyed it!

    1. Definitely, sometimes we spread a blanket on our lawn, bring out the snacks and sit there and eat. The kids love it.

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