Balancing work and family is not an easy feat, but moms constantly face this struggle. Mothers go through the daily stress of making sure their homes are in order, often at the sacrifice of personal time, rest, and even personal happiness. All these can leave moms overstretched, overloaded, and stressed. 

Moreover, mothers’ stress levels increased and nearly doubled in 2020 because of the pandemic. Mental stress among Canadians was up to 54 percent at the heat of the pandemic in April last year.

There is a way to cope with the mental stresses of motherhood in these changing and challenging times. Your decision to start a family and share life with your children does not mean you give up yours. In fact, your relationship with your children depends on your ability to manage stress. Ensuring your well-being is the first step in giving your children the best. 

Here are some stress management tips and self-care for moms you can apply to be at your best self:

1. Identify Your Stressors

When stress affects women’s health and wellness, physical signs or symptoms will indicate something is wrong. You need to catch the triggers of stress for you and common stress signs that you experience. Here are some examples of common stress indications:

  • Hypertension and increased heart rate
  • Dizziness
  • Sudden mood swings
  • Irritation or impatience
  • Poor judgment

Just imagine how you will treat your kids with kindness if you are feeling these symptoms! Pay attention to these indicators to avoid being overwhelmed by stress.

2. Make Rest a Priority

Mothers often forego breaks to complete tasks for the day. However, not taking breaks and lack of sleep take a toll on you physically and mentally. Your to-do lists will never be empty anyway, so why not take a quick break to decompress? Take a brief “stress break” or “Mommy time-out” to find your bearings and get rejuvenated for your following tasks. 

When your kids are young, rest when they are taking their afternoon naps. Choose a little mess over you losing your grip that can be a bigger problem for your kids. Allow yourself a guilt-free break to relax or do something that sparks inspiration. Teach your kids to reward you with “Mommy Time,” just as you reward them when they’ve done well. 

If you have no other adult in the house to watch over the kids, encourage naps all the more and tuck them in even half an hour earlier at night for some much-needed “me” time. 

3. Develop an Exercise Routine

Home workouts for women are crucial for stress management and self-care. Start where you can, and exercise consistently. Simple things like short walks with your children, a swim, or a bike in the park can lift your mood and reduce stress!

4. Don’t Be Ashamed to Ask For Help

Motherhood is tough, and you cannot possibly bear the weight of raising your kids without some level of support. You have to reach out to your support group—it can be your spouse, an adult family member, or your closest friends. Even a trusted neighbour can be a source of support. 

It can be a simple phone call or video call, a quick cup of coffee, or a scheduled playdate with other moms. Ongoing social interactions are vital. There is no shame in asking for help or letting somebody know you are struggling. 

5. Self-appreciation Matters

Avoid self-blame and isolation as it worsens your stress. Self-appreciation matters too. Appreciate yourself when you succeed and brush yourself off when you fail. The secret to balancing work and family is to take it day by day, focus on what counts now, and avoid stressing about things you can’t control.


Moms often neglect self-care by choice and impose a harsher demand upon themselves to perform all the time. Motherhood is a mix of both good and bad days. The sooner you realize that, the better. Develop resilience in handling stress, surround yourself with people who care for you, and want you to succeed in your journey as a mom. Your kids are probably your greatest fans. You got this, mommy!

I am Malaika, mom to 4 exceptional children, including my twins, ShiLOH and ZaRAH. The LohRah Twins is a family blog dedicated to them, a product of rediscovering myself again at 39. Check out our parenting blogs for self-care ideas for moms and so much more! 

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