Vision boards serve as a visual reminder of our goals or intentions. They are a tool used for manifesting our thoughts into reality.

I worked on my vision board in 2021. I had a long list of things I wanted to accomplish, and if I am being honest, I had so many fears of not being able to achieve any of them. Fear works in the strangest ways, and mine was paralyzing me. One of the projects I wanted to complete was authoring a series of books for each of my children. I have a wealth of material because I observe them daily, and most of the things, if not all, that they are doing and learning are what other parents are experiencing or have experienced. I would never run out of material because as they grow, there will be new content in each step of their lives. So I had a feeling that the material would be relatable.

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Vision Boards And Manifesting

Having relatable material is important to me. I like reading books where I can see myself as a character in the book, or I understand a situation. I talked about writing forever, but I was not producing anything, and I wanted to strike “author” a book off my vision board. Fear told me I would never do it, so I was ready to let him win. But one night, I was troubled and couldn’t sleep. So I decided to get up and do a blog, but I wasn’t flowing, and then I started thinking about Anayah. She was behind me to get a toy she wanted – as usual. I was sure any parent or child would be able to relate to that scenario, and then I just started typing, and in two short hours, I created “The Yellow Bicycle.”

My Muse and I

I completed step one, and it seemed like there were so many steps after that. Juggling online school with the children, soccer, and other activities were taking precedence over the steps that I needed to make me be able to tick this item off of my vision board list. My friend Asha who has authored several books encouraged me to keep trying and handed me the resources I needed to make my dream a reality. I had the book edited, illustrations completed and then formatted for Amazon.

I Hit Publish

Everyone who read the book thought it was good, so the only thing left for me to do was to hit publish and make it live. But the fear of failing raised up again and suggested my book would never sell. I was defeated. I thought of publishing the book under a different name, so if the book wasn’t successful, it would mean that the other person had failed, not me. Then it dawned on me, what if the book is successful? The fact that I wrote something worth reading means I am already successful, so I hit “Publish.”

The Yellow Bicycle - My First Children's Book

Faith vs. Fear

I am proud of myself for sticking to it and publishing the book. I hope the book is read, loved, and recommended. I have a long road ahead of me where getting the book in stores worldwide and on other online platforms is concerned. But I feel up for the challenge. Fear will always be there to try and keep you from dreaming and achieving, but faith in yourself will propel you to overcome. A valuable life lesson is that manifesting is real. Your most dominant thought is what you will achieve. For a short time, my dominant thoughts were negative. Those negative thoughts prevented me from working, but once I had that shift in mindset and referred to my vision board, I was able to strike “author” off the list.

My book is now available in soft cover and kindle on Amazon. If you do manage to grab a copy, please leave a review. I value feedback. If you have a project on your vision board that you haven’t started because fear is telling you a different story, dig in and find the faith to push through.

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