In 2018, Marci on the Canadian Talk Show “The Social” ( started the debate about washing meat before use. The other hosts on the show were having a belly full of laughs about the idea about washing meat. I was appalled because how can you seriously just throw meat into a pot and cook it without applying lime or vinegar to it. The West Indian women in the audience agreed with Marci. I understand there are different ways of doing things, but salt and black pepper are not what I consider seasoning for meat.


Seasoned Fish

When we are preparing our meat, it is a process, that is why it is so flavourful. That is why when you bite into the chicken or whatever meat you are eating there is a rush of a combination of herbs and spices and a tiny explosion in your mouth. It is because we take pride in our preparation and it must be done right. My pet peeve is a lump of meat with no flavour.

Seasoned Chicken Breasts

The argument was raised that it is unsanitary to touch meat and there is also a question about how to clean up afterwards. Ummm after seasoning the meat, you wipe down everything with soap and a drop of bleach. To my knowledge, there have not been any reported cases of salmonella in my home country.

Here are some simple instructions for preparing your meat.

  1. Squeeze lime or lemons on the meat
  2. Let it sit in the juice for about 15 minutes
  3. Rinse the meat, let it sit in a colander to drain excess water
  4. Prepare your seasoning for the meat (see green seasoning recipe)
  5. Note: if you are preparing chicken or beef, the liquid from the seasoning can be used to marinate the meat further. A little soy sauce or Worcestershire sauce and 1/2 tablespoon of sugar can be added to the mixture as well.
  6. If you do not have access to fresh seasoning, you can use the dried options
  7. Apply seasoning generously to the meat. I like to make little incisions in the meat so that the season can seep in further
  8. Cook as desired
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